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Atlantic City lifeguards estimate 100,000 people were on the beach July 2 in the city, the biggest crowd they have seen.

As someone who is not a fan of intense heat or oppressive humidity, this summer has been very cooperative so far.

Heat waves have been virtually nonexistent, and any bouts of hot and sticky weather have been limited to a few days. Ninety-degree weather hasn’t exactly been rare, as Saturday was our ninth day above 90 this year. However, the heat hasn’t had much staying power in South Jersey, as there always seems to be either a cold front or a sea breeze to answer the call for some relief.

Sure enough, Sunday will feature our next shot of relief, with abundant sunshine and seasonably warm temperatures, but refreshingly lower humidity levels. Unlike Saturday, an afternoon sea breeze should develop along the shore, providing further relief and hopefully steering those pesky greenhead flies away from the beaches. After weeks of being cold, the ocean temperatures have finally climbed back above 70 degrees, for the first time since June 19.

While waves of relief are fairly frequent so far this summer, they also are short-lived, as the heat and humidity are always quick to return to the area, even if the hot weather never lasts that long. Right on cue, temperatures and humidity levels will start to climb, as we’re probably on track for another 90-degree day on the mainland by Tuesday. But remember, it takes three consecutive days of 90-degree heat to qualify for a heat wave, something we managed to do just once this summer — and even then just barely.

Another cold front will drop south through the Mid-Atlantic starting Wednesday and likely stall just to our south through Friday. Depending where the front sets up shop and the track of any weather disturbances that ripple along that front, some scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible each day later this week. Right now, I’d peg Friday as the day with the most numerous raindrops around, but no one day looks like a washout at this point. Easterly winds will cause temperatures to ease lower later this week, with no additional 90-degree days in the forecast.

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