Phase 1 of our wintry system will push out early Sunday morning, passing the torch off to Phase 2.

A day’s worth of snow is likely for some in our area, and not in the places we usually expect.

Our light to moderate snow event will continue as the sun comes up Sunday. The first phase of our storm, which was set to bring light snow to nearly everyone overnight, will exit the region early Sunday. From about sunrise on, the snow that will fall will be from a low-pressure system that will push off the North Carolina coast.

We will be on the northern edge of enhanced lift Sunday morning and midday. This will be where the bulk of the accumulation will come from for many of us. Moderate snow will fall in Cape May and Cumberland counties, with rates of 0.5 to 1 inch per hour. Snow should be on the powdery side, except for near where it may mix.

The mixing scenario is still one to watch. The barrier islands in Cape May County, as well as the mainland south of Dennis Township, have the best potential to mix with rain and/or sleet. Regardless, you’ll want to take it slowly out there driving and make sure to give enough room for any plows to come through.

Everything you need to know about winter precipitation types

Most precipitation starts as snow high up in the sub-freezing atmosphere. However, the size of the warm, over 32 degree, layer in the atmosphere determines whether we are wet, white, or somewhere in between.

Snow will very gradually taper off during the afternoon. Stafford Township’s snow could be over by 2 p.m. Most of Atlantic and Cumberland counties’ snow will end in the hours surrounding sunset.

Cape May County snow, meanwhile, will end during the evening, perhaps not even until the Eagles are finished playing. A few flurries cannot be ruled out into the overnight.

Snow totals of 1 to 2 inches remain likely for Burlington and Ocean counties. Two to 4 inches are likely for everywhere else.

However, I do want to point out an area from around Upper Township down to Lower Township and then over into southern Cumberland county. That box likely has the perfect combination of lack of mixing and that lift I mentioned earlier to bring up to about 6 inches of snow.

Salt your sidewalks and steps Sunday night. Low temperatures will fall into the low to mid 20s, creating re-freeze. Skies should be partly to mostly cloudy.

Monday will then give us a winter wonderland with a clearing sky. High temperatures will reach the upper 30s.


This is my first newspaper but not my first forecast for NJ. I graduated with a B.S. in Meteorology from Rutgers. Two TV internships gave me a taste for the newsroom. Then, after nearly 4 years in private NJ weather, I'm forecasting South Jersey for you.

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