What is this season's allergy forecast?

Trees with flower buds in Birch Grove Park in Northfield. March 30, 2018 (Craig Matthews / Staff Photographer)

Mild temperatures, sunshine and a lack of humidity all bring together a beautiful mix of early spring weather in South Jersey.

Temperatures around sunrise Wednesday will be in the upper 20s to around 30 degrees, enough for a jacket, but not the heavy, winter coat. At the surface, high pressure will sit right over us during the day. Aloft, the ridge axis of high pressure will be overhead as well. The ridge axis determines whether we’re on the cold side of the high or the warm side.

With it right over us, temperatures will be spot-on seasonable, near 50 degrees on the mainland. Wind will turn from the north to the south during the day, and that southerly wind will cap temperatures along the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean in the mid 40s. Still, it won’t be bad conditions for outdoor activities or working. Full morning sunshine will turn into filtered sunshine through a blanket of high clouds.

Those high clouds will stay overhead Wednesday night. With a southerly breeze, low temperatures will be slow to fall. Expect 40s for the evening. By Thursday morning, lows will be in the mid to upper 30s across the area. 

We’ll remain on the western edge of high pressure for Thursday. A midlevel warm front will lift through the region during the day. This will keep that thin blanket of clouds overhead. More importantly, it will make it feel like spring. High temperatures west of the Garden State Parkway will be around 60 degrees! The shore will be in the low 50s. This will be slightly dependent on whether there will be thicker clouds (lower temps) or not. 

Clouds will then thicken into a mild Thursday night. Lows will be in the upper 40s, 15 degrees above average, come Friday morning. The heat will not need to work hard.

A cold front is poised to bring showers to the region Friday. The timing still needs to be worked out. However, it looks to be wetter during the p.m. hours. Between a half-inch and an inch of rain will be likely, and while it will not be an all-day rain, outdoor work and after-school sports will likely need to be put off. A strong south wind will accompany the rain, which will help keep temperatures between 55 and 60.

St. Patrick’s Day weekend will come with a little Irish luck. That rain Friday night will be the only wet weather of the weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday will feature plenty of sunshine. Temperatures will be back near seasonable levels, in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees.

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