John Hammer, director of golf course operations at the John F. Gaffney Green Tree Golf Course and Brigantine Golf Links, has seen an extra buzz on the links.

With well above average temperatures over the weekend and no sustained cold since the beginning of December, Hammer said business is up.

“We’re seeing about 20% more business between Green Tree Golf Course and Brigantine Golf links (since the start of December),” he said.

Some locals have enjoyed the lack of chill this winter.

“I can’t really complain, it’s been pretty mild,” said Nancy Brown, 57 of Malaga in Franklin Township, Gloucester County.

However, with record high temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s in some spots over the weekend, South Jersey isn’t just welcoming a January thaw, but a spring fever.

“If we don’t see 60 tee times (each day, as long as it doesn’t rain Sunday) between both courses, I’d be shocked,” Hammer said.

Beyond the weekend, high temperatures will largely be in the 50s and 60s through Thursday. Average highs are in the low 40s throughout the region for January.

The December 2019 South Jersey Climate Roundup and Year in Review

The jet stream, the river of air that separates arctic air to the north and warm air to the south, has largely stayed over or north of the region.

The Jet Stream

The jet stream, in red, for Jan. 6. The jet stream has largely been over or north of South Jersey since the beginning of December. This has also brought wet weather, though, as the jet stream is often near the storm track. 

“Mother Nature is simply confused or going through a rough menopause — she is too hot, she hits us with cold weather. She gets too cold, and boom, we are seeing 60s in January,” said Maranda Ballard, 38, of Estell Manor.

The lack of accumulating snow has meant a savings in municipalities’ snow removal budgets.

Ed Stinson, director of public works for Ventnor, said of the approximately 15 tons of salt the city has on hand, they’ve only had to use a half ton so far this season. They’ve also had to assign less overtime.

“We’re stocked with salt from last year. ... We’ve done a couple of intersections, behind City Hall, places in the shade. We make sure the school routes are safe,” Stinson said.

The weather has Hammer and Stinson thinking about the next season already. Hammer’s looking forward to the opening of the new Grille and Pub in the clubhouse at Green Tree, as he will be able to coordinate outdoor golf tournaments and catered events there.

Stinson has his crews thinking about spring.

“We’re taking advantage of the mild weather to take care of the ground maintenance. We’re actually trimming and landscaping. We’re doing our flower beds, and we’ve just been focusing on that kind of work,” Stinson said.

That being said, some are still waiting for “the big one” that will bring a winter wonderland to South Jersey.

“I’d like one big snow and then spring,” Brown said.

Even the public works crews, who have to work around the clock during a winter storm, would like it to snow.

“I think they do look forward to a big event because of how they plow, how they address it, how we manage the snow in the streets. … If it happens over long stretches, then it takes a toll, but we haven’t had much of that,” Stinson said.

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