Blue Sky

The weather stays quiet and calm over the next seven days. Only one period for rain showers and near seasonable weather will take us through the heart of April.

As I collected my thoughts for Wednesday’s column, it dawned on me there really isn’t much noteworthy weather to talk about.

The biggest "bad" weather story is the windy weather Thursday night into Friday. I went into the archives to find a similar seasonable and mostly dry seven-day stretch. The closest I could find was March 13-19, but even that was six day,s not seven. So let’s move on and focus on the positive!

We have plenty of sun on Wednesday morning. Temperatures are rising from the mid to upper 30s quickly into the 40s. Could you use the winter jacket in the morning? Sure, but you won’t need it for the afternoon, when we reach to near 60 degrees.

A warm front will then lift Wednesday night. This will fill back in the clouds that were absent for much of Wednesday. A few showers try to make it into South Jersey between 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. If you are north of the Atlantic City Expressway, it is more likely than not that you at least see a sprinkle during this time. To the south, you could very well stay dry and I believe that Cape May County will stay rain free into the overnight.

The front will clear by the Thursday morning commute. As typical with warm frontal passages, this will bring a jump in the thermometer and the amount of blue in the sky. It should be partly sunny in the morning until the low pressure itself passes near us. By midday, we will cloud back up and return the potential for rain showers. Again, the A.C. Expressway will be the dividing line. North of the Expressway will see isolated showers. South of there? You could very well stay dry. Either way, outdoor work and events are a go, as long as you can handle a bit of rain.

Behind the low-pressure system, winds will ramp up Thursday afternoon and continue into Friday. Northwest winds of 15-25 mph with gusts 30-40 mph are expected.

The phrase for the weekend will then be high pressure, high pressure, high pressure.

Our weekend feature will move in from the Northern Plains Friday, clearing out the morning clouds. It is a chilly air mass to start, with highs only in the mid-50s. However, as it moves overhead, we will moderate. Saturday and Sunday will be about 60 degrees, with a warming, partly sunny sky, at worst. We will be right on target for Earth Day weekend.

We extend the sunshine and dry times into the new week as well. As high pressure moves offshore, southerly winds will flow around it. High temperatures will climb through the 60s.

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