Lake Lenape Cloudy

A high-pressure system that wants to bring a blast of autumn temperatures to our area will combine with a tropical stationary front to our south between Sunday and Tuesday, giving us a taste of both worlds in the form of cooler temperatures and bouts of rain.

We also will get a one-two punch of strong winds and some coastal flooding from both systems to start the new week.

Sunday morning begins with a mostly cloudy sky and a damp feel in the air, courtesy of the new onshore wind.

Temperatures will start around 60 degrees. A few showers are in the forecast. However, we can narrow it down more than that.

To begin, coverage of showers will be scattered, at most.

In addition, the morning will be drier than the afternoon, and thirdly, the driest places will be north of the White Horse Pike. Looking at the radar at 9:30 a.m., it looks worse than it actually is. Rain ‘appears’ to be overhead. When, in reality, not all of it is reaching the ground. That is because there’s still dry air that the rain has to contend with.

Add that all up and you find that it is not a washout. A Canadian high pressure will be responsible for the day’s temperatures. That means 65-70 for everyone, a good bit below average for this time of year.

Scattered showers will be around for Sunday evening. Otherwise, it is mostly dry for the rest of the night. For what I believe will be the first time this season, lows get down to around 60 at the shore.

Monday morning will see a little sunshine. The pressure gradient between the high pressure and front will increase, which will make the winds stiff throughout the day. You may even have a few garbage cans blowing over at the shore. Monday will also not be a washout, but outdoor work and activities should be focused during the morning and midday. As we go into the afternoon, the risk for rain increases. Hit-or-miss showers and storms will be the case. Highs get to, or at, just above 70.

Showers/storms continue into the night. Then, once the warm front lifts Tuesday morning, the rain will drastically reduce in coverage.

Between the full moon Monday and the strong onshore winds Monday and Tuesday, minor flood stage is expected. This will be during the Monday p.m., Tuesday a.m. and Tuesday p.m. high tides. Move your cars if you need to, with the typical roads in danger of closing.

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