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We typically refer to the calm before the storm, but I believe the better way to describe this weekend will be the calm after the storm. Our winds will lighten up and our sky will remain mostly cloud-free, as the Leonid meteor shower peaks Saturday night.

A vast area of high pressure from New England to Texas will be present Saturday morning. With this much of the system over us, we will start out with a blue sky and keep that going throughout the day. A northwest wind at 10-15 mph will be a bit breezy, but nothing like last Saturday, which saw gusts in the 30s and 40s.

With a lack of real cold air in this system, high temperatures will hover around 50 degrees. That will still be below average, but not necessarily a wintry chill.

The annual Leonid meteor shower will peak Saturday night, and it will be a pretty good night for it. According to the American Meteor Society, “The Leonids are often bright meteors with a high percentage of persistent trains.” At its peak, you should be able to see about 15 meteors an hour.

The heavens will cooperate.

Saturday evening will be clear, though a few clouds will build in after midnight. So if you want to view them, the earlier in the night, the better. Bring the coat, though. Temperatures will quickly fall through the 40s, bottoming out between 30 and 40 degrees. The coldest temps will be in the Pine Barrens.

Sunday will be dry. Lake-effect snow showers will be present in northeast Pennsylvania and northern New Jersey. We will not see that, but a few blow-off clouds will stream in, especially north of the White Horse Pike. Highs will be just a degree or two cooler than Saturday.

We will still be on track for a few showers late Sunday night into early Monday morning (4 to 10 a.m.) as a weak system meanders through. However, I would not call Monday morning a washout. Most of you will be dry. Sunshine returns for the afternoon, and we’ll go into the low 50s.

A piece of energy will circle through Tuesday. As cooler air begins to move in, the combination of the two will bring forth decent cloud cover. The mostly cloudy day will keep temperatures down, only staying in the mid 40s.

The chilly air will continue into Thanksgiving. Between Nov. 10 and Thanksgiving, only one day will likely wind up around or above average. The month as a whole may wind up only slightly below average, though, as a pair of 70-degree days brought us well above to start the month.

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