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Weather Podcast:

Weather Podcast:

More than the forecast. Meteorologist Joe Martucci at The Press of Atlantic City recaps the month of weather that was with New Jersey State Climatologist Dave Robinson on the first Wednesday of each month. On the third Wednesday, Joe dives in with the biggest Jersey leaders, visionaries, local legends, artists and more to explain how weather influences our lives every day.

LISTEN: 'Something in the Air' with Michael Chait, President, Greater Atlantic City Chamber

LISTEN: 'Something in the Air' with Michael Chait, President, Greater Atlantic City Chamber

"The beach is our biggest asset", that's what Michael Chait said multiple times during the interview. That means weather is the primary factor in the business climate of the city.

(1:00) Meteorologist Joe Martucci first asks Chait, a Jersey guy through and through about his brief stint in Ohio, which Martucci calls Atlantic City west .

(3:17) The two then dive into what the Chamber does, how they've come together during COVID-19 and why having business members on the mainland and shore means different things to the bottom line, depending on the weather.

(10:04) Martucci asks Chait if Atlantic City has fully seen it's potential as an outdoor destination?

(16:00) Even though they're held inside, Chait says weather is "for sure" part of the conversation when attracting national conferences to the resort.

(18:28) Chait talks about his experiences on planning and weather management for the Atlantic City Air Show, and other outdoor events. Plus, can the Air Show happen in 2020, given the pandemic?

(22:57) There's a little weather geek in him, but it's Chait's commercial fisherman's brother that really gung ho about the weather. Chait then takes us through a unfortunate foggy journey near Long Beach Island.

(27:14) As Atlantic City continues to transition from primarily gaming to non-gaming revenue, Chait explains how weather will impact this, good and bad.

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