Curried mustard greens are a tasty Indian adventure

Curried mustard greens can be served with shrimp or grilled tofu.

Mom says eat your greens. Health experts want you to choose the dark, leafy kind.

With kale, for example, chefs are getting people into eating this nutrient-rich green by creating kale salads, toasting crunchy kale chips, and serving kale braised with garlic and olive.

What's still challenging though, is serving other strong tasting dark greens because of their bitter flavor.

Take mustard greens. I never liked them made the soulful way, stewed with a ham hock to a mushy mess, or even the enlightened version using smoky Spanish paprika in place of pig.

Instead, it took an Indian dish that is an easy stir-fry cooked in a skillet to make me love mustard greens. If you like spice and heat, this dish is for you.

For this curry-flavored dish, buy bright green mustard greens with large, floppy, ruffle-edged leaves. You also need a couple of other, particular ingredients.

Two are at natural food stores: reduced-fat, un-sweetened, shredded coco-nut and golden, cold-pressed sesame oil. This oil tastes sweet and its smoke-point takes the high cooking temperature used for making this dish. Finally, get whole mustard seeds. Black mustard seeds are best. Actually deep bronze in color, they taste less bitter and sharp than yellow mustard seeds, which are okay to use. Serve this south Indian side dish with grilled tofu, cooked red or black lentils or shrimp.